Three Technology Platforms
Three Medical Laboratories
Covering A Full IVD Industry Values Chains
Delivering Products and Services of Precision Diagnostics

U-GEN is a precision medicine company with vertical integration capabilities of upstream, midstream and downstream of the IVD Industry value chain. We gather biotechnology and medical experts from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to develop the most advanced IVD reagents and equipment for various cancers and major chronic diseases that threaten the health of Chinese people. Combining the testing service in reference laboratories in China, We are capable to provide personalized precision through self-developed diagnostic products. U-GEN strives to become a pioneer in the field of medical testing in Asia.

Technology Platform

U-GEN’s three proprietary platforms are derived from TBG (Xiaman), Yearth (Hunan), and WinMEMS (Taiwan), respectively. We integrate the technologies, develop products, and conduct clinical trials to commercialize diagnostic products in the market.

Multiple Nucleic Acid Testing Platform

Molecular testing kits, automated equipment, HLA typing services.
TBG Biotechnology Xiamen Inc.

Cancer Screening Platform

Early-stage tumor screening, precision medical care.
Yearth DDTN Hunan

Multiplex Immunoassay by EMMB Platform

EMMB: EdgeCode® Multiplex Magnetic Beads
Multi-detection diagnostics, micro-fluidic multiplex biochip.
WinMEMS Technologies Co., Ltd.

Precision Medicine Services

U-GEN has four medical laboratories strategically located in Greater China. Through our laboratories, not only the development and validation of IVD products are easily achieved, but also the testing services can be quickly expanded through collaboration with hospitals and medical institutes.

Beijing Laboratory

For the research of clinical cellular and molecular genetics.
Class 100,000 cleanroom.
Designated COVID-19 testing agency by Beijing Municipal Health Commission.

Changsha Laboratory

For tumor related research and tumor screening services.
Biosafety level class II, Class 100,000 cleanroom.
Designated COVID-19 testing agency by the Hunan Provincial Health Commission.

Xiamen Laboratory

For high-resolution HLA genotyping services.