Tumor Early Screening Platform

Target on early tumor screening and precision medicine

In China, there were 4.57 million new cancer cases in 2020, and about 3 million people died from cancers. The numbers of new cancers and deaths of China ranked the top of the world. Therefore, the demand for precise cancer screening is booming to achieve prolonging lifetime, which also promoting by the national health. With recent breakthroughs in molecular sequencing, ct/cf DNA detection methodology, and big data analysis, combination of these technologies has become the technical direction of early tumor screening products. To accelerate the regulatory approval and market expansion of early screening products, both verification by clinical trials and provision by LDT service models also run in parallel to fulfill the urgent needs of the population and to facilitate personal health monitoring.

Innovative Features of cf-SUPER and cf-ROBUST

Yearth, a subsidiary of U-GEN, develop early tumor screening reagents with its own NGS point mutation sequencing technology (cf-SUPER) and methylation detection technology (cf-ROBUST). These specially designed primers of the technology can effectively improve the utilization rate of nucleic acid templates of PCR. Additionally, the trace tumor molecular information in the non-invasive samples (blood, urine or feces) can be also directly detected. Even less than 0.01% of tumor mutation genes and special methylation sites of tumor genes can be found through these innovative technologies.  Features of cf-SUPER and cf-ROBUST are fast detection speed, high accuracy, friendly operation, and wide clinical application.

Yearth Hunan

  • http://www.yearthbio.com
  • Yearth was founded in 2016 and specializes in the development of early cancer screening tests from a non-invasive liquid biopsy. Also, Yearth provides testing services, such as genetic testing, early tumor screening, personalized drug guidance, disease diagnosis, etc. to fulfill the demands from the physical examinations and medical institutes.