Multiplex Immunoassay by EMMB Platform

Contribution for point of care testing (POCT)

Multiplexedpoint of care testing is simultaneous on-site detection different analytes froma single specimen. Recently, it has become more and more important for clinical diagnostics. WinMEMS, a joint venture company with U-GEN, owns the proprietary technology, EdgeCode® Multiplex Magnetic Beads (EMMB). Through the coupling processes, each bead can be tagged with a bio-probe that is used to identify a particular nucleic acid sequence in the case of a molecular assay or a particular protein antigen or antibody in the case of an immunoassay. The unique and patented EMMB is a powerful and efficient coding system allowing to detect up to 4,096 biomarkers for multiplexed testing.

Potential Applications of Multiplex Testing

Through WinMEMS’ state-of-the-art multiplex diagnostic system, more precise, comprehensive, fast and cost-effective IVD testing kits can be developed. Additionally, the platform can also apply to diagnostics for the detection of animal and plant diseases, food safety, as well as for environmental protection. Currently, several studies are ongoing, including detection kits for:

sepsis strains and effective antibiotics
diabetic associated diseases
early tumor screening

WinMEMS Technologies Co., Ltd.

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  • WinMEMS was founded in 2007 and specializes in semiconductor photolithography processes. The company developed the micro 3D printing MEMS technologies from 2007 to 2014 and started the development of encoded digital magnetic beads in 2015. Since 2019, the EdgeCode® Multiplex Magnetic Beads (EMMB) technology platform has successfully established allowing bio-developers to create and implement new types of molecular and immuno-diagnostics kits quickly and efficiently.